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Private Dental Prices

Your safety is paramount to us. We do not charge you for PPE

Routine Examination£65
Small X-Ray£10
Hygienist Appointment£70
Extra for local anaesthetic£20
Air-Flow (Sparkle)£90
Oral Hygiene Improvement (Instruction)£35
Direct Access with Hygienist
Scale and Polish (1st visit)£95
Regular Scale and Polish£72
Air-Flow (Sparkle)£115
General Dentistry
White (Composite) Filling small£120
White (Composite) Filling Medium£150
White (Composite) Filling large£190
Amalgam Fillingfrom £85
Root Canal Treatment - incisor/single-rooted toothfrom £350
Root Canal Treatment - pre-molarfrom £450
Root Canal Treatment - molarfrom £500
Root Canal Treatment with Dr Manuel£625
Preventative Fissure Sealant (per tooth)£20
Extraction - simplefrom £120
Extraction - complexfrom £200
Extraction - wisdom toothfrom £250
Extraction - with socket preservation£350
Denture - Partial Acrylicfrom £380
Denture - full acrylic denture (upper or lower)£520
Denture - full acrylic denture (upper and lower)£1200
Denture - Chrome-cobalt (metal frame)from £900
Denture Reline£200
Mouth Guards
Sports/Boxing guard£95
Night Guard for grinding teethfrom £140
Cosmetic/Advanced Treatment
Cosmetic composite tooth reconstruction (Composite Bonding)from £350 per tooth
Crowns - metal£450
Crowns - porcelain bonded to non-precious metalfrom £500
Crowns - full porcelain, no metalfrom £600
Porcelain veneerfrom £550
Sedationfrom £500
Inlay/onlayfrom £400
Teeth Whitening
Home Whitening one arch (solution syringe included)£170
Home Whitening both arches (2 solution syringes included)from £350
Private periodontal treatment and mucogingival plastic surgery
Consultation with Dr Agata Ciukiewiczfrom £150
Periodontal (Gum Disease) Care£350 - £500
Gingival surgery as gum recession coverage (per tooth)from £400
Periodontal surgery (Depending on complexity)£400 - £1,000

Our Dental Payment Plans

Spread the cost of your dental care with our cost-effective dental and dental hygiene plans.

Are you looking for a good dentist in Torquay but worried about the cost of private dentistry?  Our dental plans for both adults and children are designed to spread the cost of treatments, to make looking after your dental health, easy and affordable.

Did you know that you could sign up for a dental plan with Parkhill Dental for as little as 36p per day!


Spread the cost of your dental hygiene care with our cost-effective plans.

Signing up for one of our hygiene plans is more cost-effective than paying as you go and might reduce the risk of oral disease and the need for costly invasive treatments.

Did you know that you could sign up for a dental hygiene plan for as little as 33p per day!

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