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Bad Breath – What causes it? How to get rid of it?

Bad breath, known as Halitosis

Bad breath, known as halitosis affects approximately 30% of the population. It might cause a certain degree of discomfort and distress and in severe cases, may negatively impact personal relationships and a person’s quality of life.

What causes bad breath?

Bad breath is usually caused by bacteria present on the teeth and residual debris on the tongue or tonsils.

In most cases, halitosis is a result of a:

  • poor oral hygiene,
  • gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis,
  • dry mouth, a condition when salivary glands do not produce enough saliva to keep your mouth moist,
  • food as garlic or onions, spices
  • alcohol consumption – alcohol can lead to too much sugar being broken down by the body, as well as the breakdown and conversion into acetic acid
  • smoking – nicotine is causing not only teeth discolouration and staining but is a leading cause of bad breath as well.

Keeping up with your dental and hygienist appointments will help to diagnose the periodontal disease early and identify any mouth problems that might cause bad breath.


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How to improve bad breath

Here are some helpful tips to improve bad breath:

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day (&floss), after meals, with a fluoridated toothpaste. You would like to brush your tongue as well to eliminate harmful bacteria.
  • Gargle And Rinse With Peroxide – commercial mouthwashes usually contain alcohol. Instead, try gargling and rinsing with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Avoid tobacco smoking and chewing tobacco-based products.
  • Drink water, especially, if you have dry mouth. Make sure to drink enough fluids throughout the day to alleviate dryness in your mouth. 
  • Green Tea has antibacterial compounds which might help both the mouth and gut fight unhealthy bacteria.
  • Chewing mint will help to mask bad breath immediately.

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