Geistlich Masterclass at Royal College of Physicians

Dr Agata Ciukiewicz attends a Geistlich Masterclass on Hard and Soft Tissue Aesthetic Outcomes.

The Geistlich Masterclass was held at the Royal College of Physicians, London on 28th September. Dr Agata Ciukiewicz attended the course to expand her treatment options for her patients at Parkhill Dental in the field of bone and soft-tissue regeneration and reduce the risk of bone loss in her treatment of periodontology.

The keynote speakers at the Masterclass were Professor Giulio Raspernini and Dr Amit Patel, followed by Dr Viraj Patel and Dr Fazeela Khan-Osborne.

Dr Agata with Prof. Giulio Raspernini

Professor Giulio Rasperini opened the course talking about bone & Soft-Tissue Regeneration and approaches to long-term Aesthetic Success.

Professor Giulio Rasperini is an active member of the Italian Society of Periodontology, the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (Vice-President from 2016-2017), he is a full member of the British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry (BAAD) and an ITI Fellow. He serves on the Editorial Boards for several publications, including the International Journal of Periodontics & Restorative Dentistry, as well as the Journal of Implant & Advanced Clinical Dentistry.

Professor Rasperini currently serves as the Professor in Periodontology at the University of Milan and lectures extensively around the world.

  • During his hands-on workshop, both vertical and horizontal bone augmentation techniques will be discussed and trialled by Dr Agata with a particular focus on biomaterials and surgical procedures.
  • Professor Rasperini discussed the factors that influence the stability of the soft-tissue margin over time, including prosthetically planned implant placement, patient gingival phenotype, alveolar ridge dimension, the platform switching concept, the prosthetic design, and implant abutment characteristics.
  • The knowledge shared by Professor Rasperini will allow Dr Agata to provide reliable bone regeneration techniques. Correct soft-tissue management in the form of appropriate incision design, suturing techniques and thickening with connective tissue grafting or collagen matrices protects the healing and provides results with the optimal outcome.

Dr Agata attends Geistlich Masterclass

Dr Amit Patel followed Prof Giulio Rasperini by talking about Predictable Aesthetic Outcome Using Resorbable Collagen Matrix

Dr Amit is the principal specialist and director at Birmingham Dental Specialists in Birmingham. His special interests are dental implants, regenerative and aesthetic Periodontics.

Dr Amit Patel taught that Implant dentistry has changed over the recent years, with increased aesthetic demands by patients to achieve a natural and aesthetic outcome. He discussed the problems involved, and the role of a stable collagen matrix, which has a significant role in achieving the results patients wish for. With the new theory of the zero-bone loss concept, through the use of new biomaterials, he showed that it helps increase the vertical soft tissue volume above implants, especially in molars, to reduce the risk of bone loss.

Dr Viraj Patel then followed up with a lecture on the Fundamentals of Predictable Guided Bone Regeneration.

Dr Fazeela Khan-Osborne then gave a lecture on Socket (Ridge) Preservation using Bio-Oss Collagen: Fact or Fiction 2021 before the start of the workshops.

By attending lectures and courses it supports Dr Agata in maintaining and updating her skills, knowledge and treatment planning throughout her work, it ensures that her patients can trust her dentistry is safe and the best it can be. Dr Agata aims not only to enhance her knowledge but to increase her patients’ confidence in her dentistry, knowing that she offers the latest techniques, the highest quality care and service provision at Parkhill Dental.

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