I had to have my 6 Months check up, and I am always terrified of going to the Dentist, I expected Dr.Agata Cinkiewicz just to clean my Teeth, but found out that she needed to do a filling, normally I would have got a numbing shots into my mouth, to numb up my Teeth, but Agata convinced me to try it her way, with out injection, for the first time in my life,I had this filling process done, with out numbing up my Teeth, Dr Agata did a awesome job, she made me feel comfortable and anxiety free, her kindness and compassion towards me was something I had never experienced before!She is the best Dentist that has ever worked on my teeth! I love her, you should give Dr Agata Cinkiewicz,and her Nurse Olivia,a try, you want be disappointed!