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Tooth Whitening in Torquay!

Here at Parkhill Dental, we pride ourselves on offering safe & effective tooth whitening. We often get asked what the best at home tooth whitening kits are, and why people should use them.

In this blog, we will try and answer commonly asked questions about tooth whitening and give more information on why we believe this treatment can be truly life changing for our patients!

Tooth whitening kit at Torquay Dental

Why choose your dentist for teeth whitening?

Did you know that registered Dental Professionals are the ONLY people legally permitted to offer genuine teeth whitening treatments in the UK? Well…you do now! Anything being offered by someone who is not a registered Dental Professional is fake, dangerous or both…

Tooth whitening tray inserted over top teeth

What is the best tooth whitening product?

The best tooth whitening (in our humble opinion) comes in a tooth whitening kit, which can be used at home, at your own convenience. This kit comes with:

  • Tooth whitening ‘trays’ which exactly fit your teeth
  • Tooth whitening gel (some people call this ‘tooth whitening paste’), which is 6% hydrogen peroxide, which causes the whitening effect.

We prescribe this at home tooth whitening kit, as it allows you to whiten your teeth at your own pace, overnight.

How long does the treatment take and how long will it last?

Once we have shown you how to safely apply the tooth whitening gel, you will need to apply it for a maximum of 12 nights to get the desired result. This is very convenient for our patients, as it does not impact on their daily lives and gives a fast and natural result.
The longevity of the treatment does vary slightly, depending on lifestyle habits. If you drink a lot of coffee or red wine for example, the effects will wear off more quickly. However, the effect will last 2-4 years.

Woman smiling before and after tooth whitening at Torquay Dentist

Will the treatment hurt or damage my teeth & gums?

The treatment will not damage your teeth or gums if you follow our simple usage & application instructions from our Dentists. Some patients will experience some mild sensitivity whilst using the product and this can be managed by using sensitive toothpaste during the whitening period.

How much does tooth whitening cost?

Whitening will cost £330 in total which includes the initial consultation and the whitening treatment itself. If the treatment lasts for 3 years, that works out at £0.30 per day – pretty good value for money, right?!

How do I book in for tooth whitening?

This is the easy bit – just call our team on 01803 380090 or email us, and the team will be happy to help!

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